Monday, January 18, 2010

Hi everyone. My name is Katherine, and I am a cart abandoner.

I really should know better. I work in ecommerce, so I know how frustrating an abandoned cart can be. All those little potential money makers siting in product purgatory, waiting to be shipped to their happy homes. Companies can't collect revenue until the merchandise has actually shipped. By the point someone visits the site, picks out the products they want, and adds them to the cart, they clearly WANT to buy. Again, I should know. I want to shop, I want to buy, I just really can't afford it. Christmas shopping just didn't scratch the itch. And so, here I am on a Sunday night, lusting after lovely little things like boots, ballet flats, a Betsy Johnson ring, a pair of chandelier earrings that serendipitously match a set a bangle bracelets I already own......sigh. I have to keep reminding myself, do not pass go, do not proceed to checkout!

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h to the eather said...

at least you have the fortitute to stop yourself before you pass the point of no return, and whip out that plastic...good on you.